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Brushy Cemetery

Cemetery Name: Brushy Cemetery
Location: West Brazos County
County: Brazos
USGS Quad: West Brazos
Coordinates: 30.556446, -96.400852
Maintained by: Unknown
Land owner: Frank Anderson
Read by: Clint Williams plus Bill Page death certificates
Date read: 12 October 2012
Photos by: Clint Williams
Date added to Rambler web site: 16 August 2015
Condition of cemetery**: Poor
Directions: From the Brazos County courthouse take Texas Ave south to University Drive. Turn right and Turn ledt on Kemp Road. Continue on Kemp road about 3 miles. It is on Private property.
Note: Over 3/4ths of the burials are not marked with a headstone. This is noted by Texas Death Certificate and Bryan Cemetery Register which was supplied by Bill Page.
Brushy Cemetery Index
Addis, Rachael   25 Jan. 1930 daughter of Herod Davis and Louisie Johnson
Anderson, Bessie 15 Oct. 1890 10-Jun-62 daughter of Rubin Hayes (Texas Death Certificate)
Anderson, Franke 1871 19 Aug. 1950 widowed, son of Andrew Anderson, occupation farmer (Texas Death Certificate)
ANDERSON, J. Mr NL 25-Dec-1952  
Armstead, Josephine July 1850 14-Apr-37 (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pages 224-225)
Arnold, Henry 22-Mar-02 1-Jun-39 (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pages 234-235)
Arnold, Lillie Mae 1908 17 Aug. 1937 daughter of Manuel Arnold and Lillie Murray (Texas Death Certificate)
ARNOLD, Ruthie 6-Feb-1925 20-Aug-1905 12y 6m 17d Court record
Bass, George W 1865 12 Oct. 1935 married, son of Tom and Mollie Bass (Texas Death Certificate)
Bass, Mary 1884 19 Aug. 1942 widowed, occupation domestic (Texas Death Certificate)
Blakes, Betty Joe 22 Feb. 1938 31 Mar. 1941 daughter of Jesse Blakes and Erma Green (Texas Death Certificate)
Blassingill, J. B. 1915 17 July 1932 (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, page 208) // son of Ike and Roxie Blassingill (Texas Death Certificate)
Boone, Lillie Maeborn 4 Nov. 1908 29 Jul.1950 daughter of Emit Scott and Cathrine Nixson
Calhoum, E., Mrs. April 1893 May. 1956  
Calhoun, Eliza Perry 8 May 1894 5 Apr. 1957 daughter of Julus Perry and Minerva Peterson
CALHOUN, Fortune NL 27-Mar-1917  
Calhoun, Lilly Maes 20 Dec. 1917 23 Nov. 1941 daughter of Bennie Listre and Elsie Law(Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pages 246-247)
Calhoun, Nancy 1880 5 Aug. 1937 daughter of Irvin and Charity Peterson(Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pages ?)(Texas Death Certificate)
Calhoun, Willie 1898 19 Jan. 1939 son of Fortune Calhoun and Harper Jones (Texas Death Certificate)
Cephus, Ida 1880 4 Nov. 1938 daughter of George and Fannie Brown (Texas Death Certificate)
Childs, Lee 1882 2 Jun.1926 (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, page 209)
DAVIS, Anna 25 Sep 1873 30-Nov-1948  
Davis, Rachel, Mrs.   25 Jan. 1930 daughter of Herod Davis and Locisie Johnson (Texas Death Certificate)
Edison, Thomas Edward Feb. 1949 11 Oct. 1949 motherís name, Willie Ray Burford (Texas Death Certificate) (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pages 280-281)
Ellis, Dossie 1924 19 Dec. 1940 son of Tom Ellis and L. Foster (Texas Death Certificate)
Engram, Matilda 1829 31 Aug. 1939 (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pages?) daughter of George and Rose Smith (Texas Death Certificate)
Foster, Kate Lillie 18 Jul. 1919 13 Jan. 1950 daughter of Boyd Whitfield and Rosetta Roundtop
FRANKLIN, Bobby Earl 10-Mar-1957 13-Mar-1957 3d Son of Willie C.& Willie Alberta Franklin
GILMORE, Abe NL 22-Jan-1937  
Gilmore, Abe 25 Oct. 1891 22 Jan. 1937 son of Abe and Tilda Gilmore (Texas Death Certificate)
HALEY, Pig Mr. 22-Feb-1905 11-May-1905  
Harrison, Kirrie 1898 30 Apr.1919 daughter of Bury Hampton (Texas Death Certificate)
Hinton, Adline Jackson 26 May 1875 4 Jan. 1943 daughter of Joe Jackson, buried (Texas Death Certificate)
Hinton, Ceasar 1846 21 Dec. 1936 80 years old, died (Texas Death Certificate)
Hunter, George 14 Oct. 1878 30 Jul.1950 son of Sam Hunter (Texas Death Certificate)
HUNTER, LOUISE 4-Mar-1905 25-Jan-1905 w/ Margaret Jones & Primous Peterson
Jackson, John L. 4 Oct. 1920 31 Mar.1935 son of John Jackson and Augusta Bailey (Texas Death Certificate)
Johnson, Mack 1867 25 Nov. 1936 married to Rosie Johnson (Texas Death Certificate)
JONES, Margaaret 7-Feb-1905 26-Apr-1905 w/ Louise Hunter & Primous Peterson
Killpatrick, Idallar 4 May 1882 5 May. 1928 daughter of Lulu Wade (Texas Death Certificate)
Kilpatrick, Jesse 4 March 1888 8 Dec. 1937 son of Bob and Violet Kilpatrick (Texas Death Certificate)
Kilpatrick, Violet 15 April 1877 9 Aug. 1953 daughter of Ervin Kilpatrick (Texas Death Certificate)
King, Badges   30 Mar.1919 (Texas Death Certificate)
Lewis, George 1878 22 Dec. 1938 son of Monroe Lewis and Louise Jones (Texas Death Certificate)
Logan, Sam 1897 1 Jun, 1937 barber, married, died (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pages 226-227)
Logan, Tennie 24 Dec. 1878 11 May. 1951 son of Richard Logan (Texas Death Certificate)
Logans, Grant 1870 21 Nov. 1928 son of Richard Logans and Matilda Williams (Texas Death Certificate)
Louis, Wash 1872 Sept. 1921  
Lung, Martha 28 Jan. 1833 28 Jan. 1918 died , in Burleson County (Texas Death Certificate)
Lunn, Rob 9 Oct. 1884 2 Oct. 1936 (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pages 222-223)
Mack, Christopher Dec. 1960 20 Jun. 1961 son of West Mack and Lacy Lee Hemphill
MACK, Edward NL 17-Nov-1925  
Mack, Joe Ann 23 April 1896 7 Oct. 1957 daughter of Joseph Culbreath and Catherine Foster
Malone, Bill Oct. 1871 19 Feb. 1952 son of Joe Malone (Texas Death Certificate)
Marshell, Infant 11-May-58 11 May.1958 mother: Willie Marshell, court record
Martain, Lillie May 20 Dec. 1892 21 May. 1959 daughter of Maggie Mayo (Texas Death Certificate)
MARTIN, Lillie NL 21-May-1955  
Martin, Lula 1877 13 Feb. 1945 (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pages 258-259)
McWilliams, Ruby   13 Dec. 1955 married, daughter of Will Calhoum and Eliza Perry (Texas Death Certificate)
McWilliams, Sidney 4 May. 1902 28 Feb. 1952 Texas Pvt 331 Service Bn QMC WW I, son of Lee McWilliams and Virginia Lunn (Texas Death Certificate)
MCWILLIAMS, Sidney 25 Dec 1895 25-Feb-1952 texas Pvt 331 Service BN QMC WW1
Mitchell, Jewell Lee 19 Nov. 1941 27 Jan. 1958 daughter of Henry Mitchell and Euna Lee Bessey (Texas Death Certificate)
Mitchell, Nathaniel 1880 28 Sept. 1940 (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pages 242-243)
Morrow, Minnie 1891 22 Nov. 1953 daughter of Louis Sampson and Margrett McKnight (Texas Death Certificate)
Morrow, Robert 1918 4 Aug. 1921 son of Dave Morrow and Minnie Simpson (Texas Death Certificate)
NICKSON, Catherine Mrs NL 12-May-1926 Court record
Nickson, Rubin NL 11 Jan. 1929 son of Berry Nickson and Ruthie Wyatt (Texas Death Certificate)
Nixon, Catherine 1861 12 May. 1926 (Texas Death Certificate)
Nixon, Delilah 22 Oct. 1914 1 May. 1921 daughter of William Nixon and Annie White (Texas Death Certificate)
Nixon, J. W. 12 Apr. 1918 11 Sept. 1939 son of Ed Nixon and Lugenia Moore (Texas Death Certificate)
Patterson, Armour Al 8 Jun. 1937 30 Jul.1959 (Texas Death Certificate)
Pearson, Cicero 1872 4 May. 1922 (Texas Death Certificate)
Perry, Elsie 13 Aug. 1886 28 Jun. 1961 daughter of George Laws and Idella Randalt (Texas Death Certificate)
Peterson, Ely 25 Dec. 1900 6 Dec. 1932 son of Henry Peterson and Nancy Fedric (Texas Death Certificate)
Peterson, Geo.   9 Nov. 1918 buried Clayton Cemetery (Brazos County Death Records, volume 3, page 10)
Peterson, Irving, Jr.   11 Mar.1950 son of Irving Peterson (Texas Death Certificate)
Peterson, Jim 15 Jan. 1864 23 Nov. 1940 son of Irvin Peterson, Sr. (Texas Death Certificate)
Peterson, Lucy 3 Feb. 1877 16 Mar. 1950 daughter of Martha Federak (Texas Death Certificate)
Peterson, Primous 16 Dec. 1900 15 Jun. 1953 son of Mitchell Peterson and Margrette Lewis, (Texas Death Certificate)
PETERSON, Primus 1888 1-May-1953 W/ Louise Hunter & Margaret Jones
Peterson, Virgil, Jr 16 Jan. 1942 17 Jan. 1942 (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pages 246-247 ) son of Vergil Peterson and Vivian Person (Texas Death Certificate)
Pitman, Ransome 1884 29 Dec. 1928 son of Cara Pitman and Lizzie Watson (Texas Death Certificate)
Pitman, Willie 1909 5 Dec. 1931 daughter of Tennie and Mary Logan(Texas Death Certificate)
Pool, A 22 Feb. 1922 22 Mar. 1919 daughter of Alonzo Pool and Jessie Lane (Texas Death Certificate)
Randolph, Jim 1876 17 Feb. 1944 son of Jim Randolph (Texas Death Certificate)
Randolph, Mollie C.   15 Apr. 1915  
Randolph, Rebbecca B. 2 May. 1890 22 Apr. 1956 daughter of Rome Bolden and Fannie Newsom
Still born girl     (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pp.232-233)
Taylor, Cynthia Dianna 1 Nov. 1958 2 Nov. 1958 daughter of Mary Francis Taylor (Texas Death Certificate)
Taylor, Mary 1885 4 June. 1920 (Texas Death Certificate)
Taylor, Minnie 7 Nov. 1929 7 Nov. 1930 daughter of Rufus and Catherine Taylor (Texas Death Certificate)
Thomas, Frank Jr. 9 Dec. 1946 11 Dec. 1946 (Bryan Cemetery Registers, vol.4, pages 268-269)
Thomas, Pat 18 June. 1905 27 May 1954 son of Hill Thomas and Molly Grant (Texas Death Certificate)
Thompson, Alex 1864 27 Jan. 1929 son of John Thompson (Texas Death Certificate)
THOMPSON, Alex NL 27-Jan-1929 Court record
THOMPSON, Love Mrs NL 27-Mar-1930 Court Record
Thornton, Vinnie., Mrs. 20 May 1878 5 Oct. 1951  
TYLOR, Cynthia Dianna 1-Nov-1958 2-Nov-1958 Court record
VINCENT, C. NL 17-Apr-1921  
Vincent, Cherry. 1856 9 Mar. 1921 (Texas Death Certificate)
Vincent, Ephriam T 18 Jul. 1856 7 Feb. 1938 married to Cherrie Vincent
Vinson, Mattie 1889 10 Feb. 1939 daughter of Berry Nickerson and Catherine Nixon (Texas Death Certificate)
Wade, Booker 1904 23 Jan. 1925 son of Doc Wade (Texas Death Certificate)
Wade, Dock 10 Mar. 1888 12 Dec. 1953 son of Anthony Wade and Lou McGale (Texas Death Certificate)
Wade, Tom 10 Mar. 1883 25 Jun. 1954 son of Andy Wade and Lue McKee (Texas Death Certificate)
Wade, Will 15 Aug. 1873 27 Nov. 1955 son of Andy Wade (Texas Death Certificate)
Walker, Eathen 30 Aug. 1930 13 Sept. 1953 son of Eathen Walker and Alberta Davis (Texas Death Certificate)
WASHINGTON, Willie 22-Mar-1958 22 Mar 1858 Court record
Wilson, Mary   20 Jan. 1930 daughter of Peter Williams and Dena Davis (Texas Death Certificate)

** Condition of cemetery as observed on the given date -
may not be representative of care at other times of the year
Scale: Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor - Abandoned

*Explanation of Abbreviations:
R = Right side of road;   L = Left side of road;  BC = Back center;   C = Center
d/s = double stone;   t/s = triple stone; q/s quadruple stone
s/o = son of ;  d/o = daughter of;  c/o = child of; m/o = mother of; h/o = husband of; w/o = wife of;
FS = Footstone; FHM = Funeral Home Marker; MM = Military Marker; SRC - Source; BCGS = Brazos County Genealogical Society; BCGSQ = Brazos County Genealogical Society Quarterly; TDR = Texas Death Records; SSDI = Social Security Death Index; WOW = Woodman of the World

Note:  Copyright ©  2005-2015 by Texas Research Ramblers Genealogical Society.  This information may be used by libraries, genealogical & historical societies and individuals for their own personal use,however, commercial use of this information is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. N one of the information on the cemetery pages, partial or in total, may be used by any person or organization, electronically or otherwise, for the purpose of profiteering. All copies and "links" to this page must contain this location reference as its source.

PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT official records, only TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS. If you desire official information about this cemetery, please contact the organization responsible for its records. This is a PARTIAL listing of readable headstones

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