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Abstracts of Murders in Local Newspapers - Miscellaneous Dates

The Bryan Weekly Eagle
Dec 24, 1895, page 1, col. 4, roll 1 s9
A Negro named Tom Rowden, about 50 years old was killed near Thompson’s Creek last night.

The Bryan Eagle
Jan 4, 1897, page 3, col. 4
Don Levi charged with assault to murder

The Bryan Eagle
July 21, 1898, page 4, col. 2
“Triple Murder”
“Terrible work of a Negro with an ax near Cypress.” Henry Meyer, Jr. family attacked.

The Bryan Eagle
Aug 18, 1898, page 6, col. 5
Last of the murdered Meyer family of Cypress, Texas dies.

The Bryan Eagle
June 18, 1903, page 3, col. 3
“Additional Local”
The examining trial of the six Negros charged with the murder of Dennis Malcom was held yesterday before Justice Mitchell.

The Bryan Weekly Eagle
Jul 23, 1903, page 8, col. 3
“Additional Local”
Will Green, colored, is charged with the killing of Evans Lee near Benchley.

The Bryan Eagle
Oct 20, 1904, page 4, col. 4
“Dock King Dead”
Murder followed by suicide.

The Bryan Eagle
Nov 24, 1904, page 6, col. 2-3
“Will Price Brutally Murdered”
“Will Gray Arrested and Jailed”
Will Gray confesses to the murder of Will Price.

Bryan Morning Eagle
Apr 25, 1905, page 1, col. 3
Apr 26, 1905, page 4, col. 2
Apr 27, 1905, page 1, col. 4
“Killed at Hempstead”
Congressman Pinckney and three others.
(see Biographies – Pinckney Family)

Bryan Morning Eagle
Jan 24, 1907, roll 4s
“Mysterious Killing of Frank Lanza”
Body found in pasture near town with neck broken.

Bryan Morning Eagle
Mar 1, 1907
“Stone Brought to Bryan”
H. L. Spratt of Millican killed yesterday. Harold Stone accused.

Bryan Morning Eagle
Mar 2, 1907
“Harold Stone Allowed Bond”
Young man charged with killing of H. L. Spratt, of Millican.

Bryan Morning Eagle
Mar 7, 1907
“Arrest Made in the Lanza Murder Case”
Jasper courts in jail. The wife and daughter of Frank Lanza arrested

Bryan Morning Eagle
Mar 8, 1907
“Harold Stone Released”

The Brazos Pilot
Mar 14, 1907, page 1, roll Je-1
“Arrested for Murder”
Jasper Court lodged in jail charged with the murder of Frank Lanza.

The Brazos Pilot
Mar 14, 1907, roll Je-1
“Fezini Case Affirmed”
The Court of Criminal Appeals has over ruled the motion for a rehearing in the Joe Fezini murder case

Bryan Morning Eagle
Oct 23, 1907
“Killing Near Harvey Yesterday”
Ned Searcy Victim, Elmore Ross alleged slayer.

Bryan Eagle
Oct 24, 1907
“Ross allowed Bond”

Bryan Morning Eagle
Aug 29, 1908, page 3, col. 3
“Murdered and Thrown to the Hogs”
Young white man atrociously assassinated at Mudville. Negro under arrest. Worked at Steele Store.

Bryan Morning Eagle
Sept 3, 1908, page 3, col. 4
“Held Without Bail”
Felix Brown, charged with murder, remanded to the custody of the sheriff.

Bryan Morning Eagle
Sept 6, 1908, page 4, col. 3
“Terrible Triple Affair”
Awful scene takes place at Hillsboro, Tex. Dr. J. H. Watson, Miss Ethel Edsall and Carl Horns all dead.

Bryan Daily Eagle
Jun 12, 1909
“Burns Boys Convicted”
Walter and Reason Burns, well known young men of Grimes County were tried at Anderson this week for murder of Monroe Peteete at Keith.

The Bryan Daily Eagle and Pilot
Oct 30, 1909, page 1, col. 4
“Negro Killed Today”
Will Campbell shoots and kills another Negro named Grand on Mr. Wilcox’s place near Tabor.

The Bryan Daily Eagle and Pilot
Dec 20, 1909, page 1, col. 4
“Negro Stabbed to Death”
Fight leads to stabbing death of Ed Ewing. Charlie Cooper, Ernest King and Ida McCall are all arrested and in jail awaiting examining trial.

The Bryan Daily Eagle and Pilot
Dec 21, 1909, page 1, col. 4
“Examining Trial Held”
Bond was set at the examining trial in the stabbing death of Ed Ewing. Charlie Cooper was found to have no part in the killing.

The Bryan Daily Eagle and Pilot
Dec 22, 1909, page 1, col. 3
“Meredith Gave Bond”
At the examining trial of S. W. Meredith, charged in the killing of George Curd, the defense offered evidence of self defense. The defendant was granted bond and released.

The Bryan Daily Eagle and Pilot
Dec 27, 1909, page 1, col. 4
“Negro Man Killed”
Negro man from Wheelock was stabbed by his wife and died from loss of blood. She was arrested and taken to jail in Franklin.

The Bryan Daily Eagle and Pilot
Dec 21, 1909, page 1, col. 5
“Killing at Millican”
George Curd dead from blow with ax handle and S. W. Meredith surrenders to Sheriff Conlee.

The Brazos Pilot
Sep 27, 1907, page 7, col. 5, roll Je-1
“District Court”
Hampton Parmer, charged with assault to murder, found guilty of aggravated assault. Case of Lonie Bolton charged with murder.

The Bryan Daily Eagle and Pilot
Jul 29, 1910, page 1, col. 4
“Atrocious Crime in Robertson Co.”
Ben Myatt murdered his wife at their home near Headsville in Robertson Co.

The Bryan Daily Eagle and Pilot
Aug 1, 1910, page 3, col. 4
“Another Negro Killed”
John Progue was stabbed and killed by Cy Williams in College Station.

The Bryan Daily Eagle and Pilot
Sep 20, 1910, page 3, col. 3
“District Court”
Case of John Hamilton, charged with murder, is being tried in district court.

The Bryan Daily Eagle and Pilot
Sep 21, 1910, page 3, col. 3, No. 248
“District Court”
Case of John Hamilton, charged with second degree murder, was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in the state penitentiary.

The Bryan Daily Eagle and Pilot
Oct 4, 1910, page 3, col. 4
“District Court”
Ira Sanders, charged with second degree murder, was found guilty of manslaughter.

The Bryan Weekly Eagle
Aug 22, 1912, page 5, col. 6, roll 5s
“Killing At Allen Farm”
Leonard Lillie and Henry Walker are charged with the killing of a Mexican at Allen farm last Saturday night

The Bryan Weekly Eagle
Aug 29, 1912, page 6, col. 4, roll 5s
“Killing At Harvey”
Body of LeRoy Nobles, a Negro, found on woodpile in yard of W. R. Goen.

The Bryan Weekly Eagle
Sep 5, 1912, page 3, col. 4
“Negro Shot and Killed Near Mudville”
Frank Cash, an Italian, is said to have shot and killed Jim Sorrels, colored.

The Bryan Weekly Eagle
Oct 10, 1912, page 1, col. 6, roll 5s
“District Court”
Trial of J. S. Williams charged with murder in the second degree. He is charged with killing Mason Railey in Kaczer and Co’s store.

The Bryan Weekly Eagle
Oct 15, 1913, page 5, col. 6, roll 5s
“Mexican Killed”
Julio Veyra, a Mexican waiter who had been employed at the mess hall at College was found nearly beaten to death. He was given medical attention at College but died a short time later.

The Bryan Daily Eagle
Apr 27, 1938, page 1, roll 54
“Board Asks Full Investigation of School Homicide”
Bryan School board meeting had the matter of the recent homicide at the Kemp School. Student James Green was fatally stabbed by the Janitor Sol Marshall.

BDE  -      Bryan Daily Eagle TE or BE -   The Eagle or The Bryan Eagle
BME  -      Bryan Morning Eagle BP  -   Brazos Pilot
BWE  -     Bryan Weekly Eagle HD  -   Hearne Democrat
BME&P  -  Bryan Morning Eagle & Pilot BCT  -  Burleson County Tribune
BDE&P  -  Bryan Daily Eagle & Pilot EX    -  Examiner
BCSE    -  Bryan-College Station Eagle MM  -   Madisonville Meteor

*An asterisk indicates an estimated date or information that was obtained from other sources such as the Social Security Death Index or the Texas Birth or Death Indexes..

  From abstracts of Bryan newspapers that were done by the staff of the Carnegie History Center, several members of the Texas Research Ramblers Genealogical Society have indexed the records involving items of interest to family researchers such as birth, marriage, death and real estate transactions.

Since the abstractors did not always note the full reference of the item as to page, column and microfilm roll number and since the names of the early newspapers were not always identified clearly, the indexers have tried to indicate the data source to the best of their ability. Since the local newspaper was published at various times on a weekly basis or daily basis and the name changed from Bryan Weekly Eagle to Bryan Morning Eagle and then Bryan Eagle and at times the publications were concurrent, it was not an easy task to identify the exact source.

Given the date of publication, however, the staff at Carnegie History Center should be able to locate the reference. If a copy of the actual newspaper article is desired, the staff at the Carnegie History Center will attempt to locate the article and will make a copy for a fee. For more information you may contact the Carnegie staff through their web site at http://www.bcslibrary.org

Copyright ©  2005- by Texas Research Ramblers Genealogical Society, Inc. This information may be used by libraries, genealogical & historical societies and individuals for their own personal use,however, commercial use of this information is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. If copied, this copyright notice


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