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Family History Computer Users Group - GCUG
-Finding Family History with your computer -

Third Wednesday of the month - 9:30 -11 A M
College Station Water Treatment Plant

All are welcome - and it's FREE!

Special note: A wireless Internet connectionis available at the College Station Water Treatment Plant. Bring your laptop along and some one will help you "get connected".

17 January 2018 - Linking Family Tree Maker with your Family Photo Library - Darrel Davis - How to use Picasa and your photo library to augment what and how to organize and documet some of the photos and documents in Family Tree Maker

21 February 2018 - Migration in the US in the 1800's (Part 2) Jane Magill - Back in July 2017 Jane Magill presented "Immigration and Migration" (Part 1)." In the 1800's most immigrantscame from Europe for economic and political reasons and the migration within the US was predominantly westward following established trails. The largest group of immigrants were from Germann-speaking countries: they migrated to district areasof the midwest. PA and Texas. Chinese workers immigrated to work on the railroads and later brought their families who migrated to specific areas of California. The Irish came in large numbers. We were no longer a homogeneous nation derived from England

21 March 2018 - How to use Evernote for Genealogy - How to use Evernote to keep track of your family search results. The simple heirachy of notes, notebooks, and stacksthat will keep you organized. Step-by-step instruction on using search tools, tags, reminders, and to-do lists for your family tree. the different types of data and how you can put them together from photos and records to handwritten and emails. Easy methods for sharing your work. How to secure your genealogy researchso that it doesn't get damaged or destroyed.

18 April 2018 – Using DNA facial recognition tools, Dr. Jane Magill leading.

We will review a fascinating twist on DNA identification when the criminal's DNA does not match anyone in the FBI's, or any other database. Based on the identification of variant genes in a person's DNA for facial features such as long nose, blue eyes, hairline (pattern baldness), and more. This program will explore how this technology has been, and is being used, in now famous cases where the police caught criminals using the DNA left at the scene to suggest facial features leading to police sketches.

16 May 2018- How to create a free family website - We aew the "Computer Group" so how about recording your family tree, sharing old photos with living relatives and tracking down missing ancestors online by creating your free family website. In this four week course (offered by Family Tree Magazine - but we will do it in one hour), you'll get easy step by step instructions for building a website on one of several platforms as well as ideas on types of family history to publish and best practices and practical instructions on keepingyour loved ones' valuable information private, You'll be ready to launch your family into the 21st Century soon!

20 June 2018 -

18 July 2018 - Creating a County history - Led by Jerry Markowich

15 August 2018 - “Using Evernote for Genealogy.” Led by Bob Hensz and Jerry Markowich. How to keep track of your family search results. Step-by-step instruction on using search tools, tags, reminders, and to-do lists for your family tree and even your photos, handwritten notes and e-mails. AT the College Station Water Treatment Plant, 9:30 a.m. Contact Jerry Markowich for more information. (jermar3537@suddenlink.net)

19 September 2018 - “How to Write an Obituary” Led by Henry Hanson. What to include and what not to include, how long, how short, and what information people want to know. AT the College Station Water Treatment Plant, 9:30 a.m. Contact Jerry Markowich for more information. ( jermar3537@suddenlink.net )

17 October 2018 - Family History Computer Group – “All Genealogical Answers ARE
NOT Online.”
Led by Sharron Rosedahl Not everything in the realm of genealogy is on line – by a
long shot. Our favorite genealogy web sites add thousands of records every week, and sometimes more
frequently. And what does that mean for us. Roughly, and briefly – we need to visit libraries, and
county record homes, and churches, and other family members. At the College Station Water
Treatment Plant, 9:30 a.m. Contact Jerry Markowich for more information.

14 November 2018 Joint Meeting with Texas Research Ramvlers

12 December 2018 Joint Christmas Luncheon

January 18, 2018 - How to search the DAR records - by Jane Ranck. The Daughters of the American Revolution website offers a lot of information even for those who are not members. Jane will lead us through the website that includes ancestors, members, descenndants, the DAR Library CAtalog and other things that are available. Whether you are a member, potential applicant or an interested party, you will enjoy this presentation - I promise.

Help Wanted: We are looking for people who are willing to lead this group once or twice. You can bring your favorite computer search, or we will help you find something of interest to one and all.

Family History Computer Users Group - Is a group of Texas Research Ramblers and friends , who share an interest in finding family history with a computer. For more information about the Ramblers www.texasresearchramblers.org

Our goal - learn something! 9:30 -11 AM Third Wednesday of most months!

Contact Jerry Markowich with program suggestions . Email jermar3537@Suddenlink.net

COLLEGE STATION WATER TREATMENT PLANT , 2200 North Forest Parkway , College Station,TX .

From Texas Highway 6 take the Emerald Parkway exit (FM 2818 exit).

Go north on the frontage road to the first street , turn right on North Forest Parkway .

Go past the dead end road sign to the very end.

For more information - jermar3537@Suddenlink.net

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